Codemotion Spain

Nov 27-28 2015

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Be an agent of chaos

There must be a creation process. There must be change.

We, the IT crowd, recognize the need to reinvent our ways every year, learning new formulas to do old things. We don't relax believing that what was best practice last year will remain unchanged, unaffected by time. That's how Cobol was born. We don't do that.

We are agents of change. We recognize the need to destroy in order to build. We go, and get together, and learn. Then we get back to our places of work, and break things.

That's what we do.

+1,900 Attendees

With more than 1,900 software enthusiasts, Codemotion is the biggest IT event in Spain.

+30 Communities

Codemotion is possible because of all the communities that are behind, contributing with their support and curiosity.

+130 Talks & Workshops

Quality is important to us. That's why we go through all flavors of pain to filter the best talks and workshops.

Call for papers

Do you want to share what makes you excited about technology? Enter our Call for Papers open until June 30 and post your talk or workshop.


The parking has a limited capacity, and there will be many of us. We recommend to take the public transport, which is surprisingly easy:

THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS "CAMPUS DE MONCLOA". Please double-check your GPS instructions.

  • Universidad San Pablo CEU
  • Universidad San Pablo CEU
  • Campus de MonteprĂ­ncipe
  • Boadilla del monte, Madrid
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